Current Trilogy Grantees
Boston Youth Symphony ICP Program
Underground Railway Theater
Boston Youth Symphony ICP Program
Grantee NameGrantee Description
2012: Project STEP Project STEP recognizes that certain racial and ethnic minorities are underrepresented in classical music. Our mission is to address this imbalance by identifying musically talented children from underrepresented Boston communities, and providing them with comprehensive music and string instrument instruction. We set the highest standards for our students, provide mentoring and performance opportunities, and develop a network of support. Our 2012 Trilogy Grant with Project STEP will help them create and implement an evaluation system to identify the qualities in each program component that bring about positive changes in their students’ lives.
2012: KIPP Academy Lynn KIPP Massachusetts is a network of free public charter schools located in the educationally underserved areas of Lynn and Boston. The mission of KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) is to help students develop the tools and skills they need to climb the mountain to and through college and live a life of choice. Our 2012 Trilogy Grant with KIPP Massachusetts will support their More Time program, which uses more time on-task, positive reinforcement, high expectations, extensive field learning, increased teacher and family engagement, and a robust alumni support system to help students succeed in college and in life.
2012: Notre Dame High School Lawrence Working to transform the lives of young students, Notre Dame High School provides a Catholic, affordable, culturally sensitive, college preparatory education enhanced by professional work experience for young men and women from families with limited income. As a result of their work experience students have exposure to a variety of career opportunities, acquire overall job experience and marketable skills, and begin to build a professional resume. Our 2012 Trilogy Grant with Notre Dame High School will support their Corporate Work Study Program, through which all students work one day each week to help finance the majority of the cost of their education. Specifically, this Trilogy Grant will allow students to work at non-profit organizations, benefiting both the students and the non-profits.
2013: RAW Art Works TBD.
2013: The Discovery Museums The Discovery Museums' (TDM) mission is to inspire enduring curiosity and love of learning through interactive discovery, hands-on inquiry, and scientific investigation. The Museums serve families and schools throughout the region with a commitment to informal education that enhances classroom learning. Our 2013 Trilogy grant supports the Pre-K STEAM: Make a MESS program, which provides a series of public programs, classes, and adult educational workshops on the topics of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) for Pre-K students, their families, and teachers.
2013: Belmont Day School Belmont Day School is an independent PreK - Grade 8 coed day school located in Belmont, Massachusetts. The mission of BDS is to provide children with a strong academic foundation and many opportunities for creative expression. The school guides and challenges the intellectual, social, emotional, moral, artistic, and physical growth of each child. Belmont Day School strives to be a diverse community dedicated to the academic excellence and intellectual discipline where students feel secure and experience joy. Our trilogy program allowed us to develop a new curriculum for our seventh grade students that helped them develop the mindset to strategically problem-solve issues that we have yet to even identify. This type of programming will benefit students by providing elements of entrepreneurship, engineering, empathy, observation, risk-taking, failure, experimentation, prototype construction, team communications, tolerating uncertainty, adjusting and creativity.
2014: Sociedad Latina Founded in 1968, Sociedad Latina works in partnership with youth and families to create the next generation of Latino leaders who are confident, competent, successful and self-sustaining. Our 2014 Triology Grant with Sociedad Latina will support their year-round STEAM programming for Latino and English Language Learning middle school students in Mission Hill/Roxbury. In addition to homework help and wraparound supports, STEAM Team participants complete interactive, project-based and service-learning STEAM activities that are rooted in the context of real-world challenges. These complementary program components ensure that participants have the tools they need to achieve their long-term academic, personal and career goals.
2014: The John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation The John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation is a publically funded, grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping aspiring Framingham and Waltham High School students realize their full potential. Through their our goal-oriented, one-on-one Mazie Mentoring Program, they provide support to young people who, for reasons beyond their control, face tremendous adversity on their path to success. The program helps students set and achieve goals, graduate from high school, prepare to apply to college and experience success. Our 2014 Trilogy Grant with the Mazie Foundation will support the growth of their Waltham High School program, started in 2010 and patterned after their successful 16-year old program for Framingham High School students.
2014: The Handel and Haydn Society The Handel and Haydn Society (H+H) of Boston is a professional period-instrument orchestra and chorus celebrating its Bicentennial in 2015. H+H's mission is to enrich life and influence culture by performing Baroque and Classical music at the highest levels of artistic excellence, and by providing engaging, accessible, and broadly inclusive music education and training activities. Our 2014 Trilogy Grant supports the growth of H+H's music literacy and choral programs in two Boston public elementary and middle schools in Dorchester and Jamaica Plain, the Lee and Kennedy schools, that otherwise lack arts instruction. The grant allows H+H to offer sequential arts curricula that also support English language learning, expand in grade levels served, and create cost-effective program models that can be taken to other schools in need of music and arts education..