Current Trilogy Grantees
Boston Youth Symphony ICP Program
America SCORES Boston
Walnut Hill
Grantee NameGrantee Description
2012: Project STEP Project STEP recognizes that certain racial and ethnic minorities are underrepresented in classical music. Our mission is to address this imbalance by identifying musically talented children from underrepresented Boston communities, and providing them with comprehensive music and string instrument instruction. We set the highest standards for our students, provide mentoring and performance opportunities, and develop a network of support. Our 2012 Trilogy Grant with Project STEP will help them create and implement an evaluation system to identify the qualities in each program component that bring about positive changes in their students’ lives.
2012: KIPP Academy Lynn KIPP Massachusetts is a network of free public charter schools located in the educationally underserved areas of Lynn and Boston. The mission of KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) is to help students develop the tools and skills they need to climb the mountain to and through college and live a life of choice. Our 2012 Trilogy Grant with KIPP Massachusetts will support their More Time program, which uses more time on-task, positive reinforcement, high expectations, extensive field learning, increased teacher and family engagement, and a robust alumni support system to help students succeed in college and in life.
2012: Notre Dame High School Lawrence Working to transform the lives of young students, Notre Dame High School provides a Catholic, affordable, culturally sensitive, college preparatory education enhanced by professional work experience for young men and women from families with limited income. As a result of their work experience students have exposure to a variety of career opportunities, acquire overall job experience and marketable skills, and begin to build a professional resume. Our 2012 Trilogy Grant with Notre Dame High School will support their Corporate Work Study Program, through which all students work one day each week to help finance the majority of the cost of their education. Specifically, this Trilogy Grant will allow students to work at non-profit organizations, benefiting both the students and the non-profits.
2013: RAW Art Works TBD.
2013: The Discovery Museums TBD.
2013: Belmont Day School TBD.
2014: Sociedad Latina TBD.
2014: The John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation TBD.
2014: The Handel and Haydn Society TBD. TBD.