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2015: Cambridge Creativity Commons The Cambridge Creativity Commons (CCC) engages Cambridge Public School students and teachers in developing their imagination and creativity across disciplines to enrich aesthetic understanding and activate joy of learning through innovative arts-based projects. 1. Collaborate with core teachers, specifically in the sciences, to develop project-based lessons that support the curriculum through the arts, such as sculpting the planets of the solar system; creating stop-motion animations of plate tectonics; and using emerging technologies to develop interactive eco-systems 2. Partner with Cambridge Youth Centers to provide after-school and summer ‘residency’ programs that invite local visiting artists as teachers and align with learning goals and youth interests. 3. Partner with community organizations such as Cambridge Arts Council, Cambridge Arts Association and the Cambridge Public Library to exhibit student work. Our 2015 Trilogy Grant with Cambridge Creativity Commons will allow the CCC teaching artists to work closely with Cambridge educators to create arts-based projects that enrich the curriculum in-school and out-of-school. Over the past two years CCC’s core work has been the integration of arts and sciences and the fertile creative ground this can provide. Collaborating with science teachers and technology specialists, the CCC has developed innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) projects that are deeply engaging and give students multiple access points to the content.
2015: Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras (BYSO) is one of the nation’s finest youth orchestra programs and arts education organizations. Founded in 1958 at Boston University College of Fine Arts, we offer a life-changing, high-quality music education to 500 young musicians, grades K-12, from across New England through our orchestral program outreach programs and inspire tens of thousands of audience members each year through our ambitious concert season. At BYSO, our students receive a transformative music education – one that is rooted in excellence and shapes their life path through the development of life-long skills such as self-confidence, team-work and leadership. Our 2015 Trilogy Grant with the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra will provide continued support for the Intensive Community Program (ICP). ICP is a rigorous string instrument training program within the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras (BYSO) that brings quality classical music instruction to underrepresented communities.
2015: Breakthrough Greater Boston Founded in 1992, Breakthrough Greater Boston is an education organization that prepares low-income students for success in college and trains the next generation of urban teachers using its unique Students Teaching Students model. The 2015 Trilogy grant for Breakthrough will be used to enhance and expand the High School Program in both Dorchester and Cambridge. Breakthrough’s High School Program helps students succeed in college-track courses and prepares them to get into (and succeed in) four–year college. This year Breakthrough is launching its high school program at the Dorchester campus and will continue to enhance and expand its High School Program across both campuses through 2018. There are currently 210 students participating in the High School Program, 180 in Cambridge and 30 in the inaugural class of students in Dorchester. Over the period of the Trilogy grant, the High School Program in Dorchester will grow by 30–45 students per year, resulting in a total of more than 280 high school students served across both campuses by 2018.
2016: Codman Academy Charter Public School The mission of Codman Academy Charter Public School is to provide an outstanding, transformative education that prepares students for success in college, further education and beyond. Our vision is to educate the whole student: mind, body, and character. With the city and world as our classroom, we build a school community rich in rigorous academics and daily experiences of discovery. Our 2016 Trilogy grant supports Codman's impactful programs like one-on-one Saturday tutorial, Wellness programs and Nutrition classes, internship placements, Saturday electives, SAT prep, college advising and alumni support, and theatre training with the Huntington Theatre Company.
2016: Boston Children's Chorus Boston Children’s Chorus (BCC) is a nationally-recognized after school organization that intentionally unites area children ages 7-18 across differences of race and socioeconomic status to discover the power of singing and transcend social barriers in a celebration of shared humanity and love of music. Each year, 450 youth from over 100 zip codes come together in 13 choirs in five Boston locations for intensive musicianship training and a wide range of performing experiences locally, nationally and around the world. BCC actively seeks to eliminate silos in communities through its Social Integration Inititative, a framework embedded throughout its choir programs in which conductors teach, discuss and sing songs that promote increased mutual understanding and compassion, instilling in singers the values of social and racial equity. BCC’s Trilogy Grant is supporting the strategic deepening and growth of our Choir Program, including increases in the number of singers, choirs, and staff; expanded excursion and community service projects; and the continued evolution of the Social Integration Initiative.
2016: KIPP Massachusetts Our mission at KIPP Massachusetts is to create an environment where students develop the academic skills, character strengths, and intellectual habits necessary to maximize their potential in college, and in life. We are committed to lives of independence and impact for 100% of our students, and our goal is for 75% of our students to graduate from college. This has remained consistent since our inception. Our 2016 Trilogy grant supports our More Time program at KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary, the newest of our five schools serving Lynn and Boston. Our program is based on a longer school day and year, academic rigor and character development, a relentless focus on student outcomes and college graduation, coaching and continuous learning for teachers and staff, and a system of support for students in grades K-12 and through college graduation.
2016: VSA Massachusetts VSA Massachusetts promotes the involvement of people of all abilities in the cultural life of our communities. Our Creative Outlook On Learning Schools Program (COOL Schools) supports inclusive learning by students of all abilities through arts-integrated instruction, removing barriers to learning and engagement in school. Our Trilogy grant will support the implementation of COOL Schools programs in nine schools, engaging over 1,600 students with and without disabilities in inclusive, arts-integrated learning.
2017: 826 Boston 826 Boston is a nonprofit youth writing and publishing organization that empowers traditionally underserved students ages 6-18 to find their voices, tell their stories, and gain communication skills to succeed in school and in life. We believe that every student has a story to tell. Our Trilogy Grant supports our one-of-a-kind After-School Writing and Tutoring Program: through individualized attention from trained and caring tutors, 826 Boston improves writing while publishing the amazing stories of our students.
2017: Project STEP Project STEP (String Training Education Program, or STEP) addresses the underrepresentation of Blacks and Latinos in classical music by providing musically-talented children from Greater Boston with a comprehensive string instrument training program that changes the course of their lives. Every graduate has attended college or conservatory, finding success as musicians, students, and as young adults. Our Trilogy Grant is supporting STEP’s summer program which provides students with access to some of the best music camps nationwide. Attending multi-week day or overnight camps enables students to bond with peers, gain inspiration and confidence, and develop significant musical, social, and life skills.
2017: Raw Art Works Since 1988, Raw Art Works (RAW) has ignited the desire to create and the confidence to succeed in underserved youth. Using art therapy techniques, we offer Lynn youth, ages 7-19, alternative opportunities for development, learning, and success. Our 2017 Trilogy Grant supports our programming for “art-motivated” teens. Youth gain the communication, artistic, and leadership skills that prepare them for life after high school. Even though many youth join with no intention of pursuing the arts, they find their artistic passion and purpose at RAW. Teens develop and refine their portfolios and film reels for scholarships, college applications, and their careers.
2017: Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center TBD